New Intel Arc Driver Upgrade Doubles Counter-Strike GO Frame Rate

Intel has released a driver update for its Arc series desktop graphics cards. The new driver is designed to improve performance in DirectX 9 titles. It brings an average of 1.8x improvement across multiple games, according to the company’s benchmark tests.

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) is still a hugely popular game despite its age. There are close to a million people playing the game at any one time. The average frame rate at 1080p, while using Intel Arc, has increased by 1.79x with the new driver.

Intel’s Arc-series graphics cards are optimized for modern APIs such as DirectX 12 or Vulkan. However, they have struggled with older API such as DX11 and DX10. This was solved by running older APIs through DXVK, which improves performance. Intel may be using this translation layer to increase performance for older titles.

Why Does Everyone Demand a High-Quality Camera Phone Today?

The rise of smartphone photography has increased consumer expectations for high-quality cameras, increasing the demand for smartphones with top-of-the-range sensors.

People require a reliable device with a good OIS-enabled camera that fits their daily requirements at best. Infinix ZERO 20 features the first-of-its-kind camera in the world. 60 MP front camera and ‘Super Steady’ OIS, it leaves no room for unstable camera outputs.

The Infinix ZERO 20 is available in stores and online on Xpark for Rs 56,999 only. It provides Dual Image Stabilization offering both hardware-based OIS and EIS which automatically makes the camera output ultra-clear. Its front camera has an autofocus AF feature, allowing it to consistently and swiftly focus on things.

Facebook May Be Planning to Fire Thousands of Employees

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook’s parent company, Facebook, is cutting thousands of jobs.

Social media giant Meta reported over 87,000 employees by the end of September. Mass layoffs are expected to cut off a significant portion of this figure. Sources familiar with the matter have reported that the layoffs could begin as soon as Wednesday. Meta’s chief product officer warned employees of “serious times” back in June.

Facebook halted job-hirings around two months ago. Company CEO Mark Zuckerburg warned that the company could downsize in the near future. Some teams will grow meaningfully, but most other teams will stay flat or shrink over the next year. Facebook declined a request for comment on the matter.

Pakistan’s Waada Buys Rival Firm to Become Top Insurance Startup

Waada has acquired MicroEnsure Pakistan, a subsidiary of MIC Global, in an all-stock buyout. The online insurance startup did not disclose the deal’s value. Waada also announced the completion of a $1.3 million seed round from local angel investors.

The company’s in-house platform enables anyone in the country to virtually sign-up, watch training videos, qualify as a gig agent and get policies issued within minutes.

The need is to automate every process, from underwriting to policy issuance, from leads management to commissions & claims, in order to empower agents to focus on selling and not the admin. “Insurance is about selling a future promise, hence, establishing that trust to fulfill that Waada is crucial in distribution”.

Waada’s goal is to add customers through online sign-ups and to distribute 10 million policies within three to five years. The country’s insurance penetration rate is only 0.7 percent, trailing that of its Asian neighbors.

Waada’s goal is to become the leading brand of insurance in the country, distributing 10 million policies in the next 3 to 5 years.

Airlift Technologies, which raised Pakistan’s largest round, ceased operations in July. Vitol’s used-car venture VavaCars exited the market this year and commute provider Swvl Holdings closed daily operations.

YouTube Shorts Will Be Easier to Find Soon

The video-sharing site is also rolling out a darker theme and Ambient Mode for the app as well as making Shorts easier to find on mobile devices.

YouTube is adding a dedicated tab for Shorts and Live Content to separate them from long-form videos. These are not to be confused with the existing tabs for Subscriptions and Library, which are found in separate menus on the app’s main page. The new tabs will appear when you open up someone’s channel.

The idea is to keep giving you more of what you like to see on YouTube in a mobile-friendly format.

This should make it easier to find them, or avoid altogether if you are not a fan. The update is rolling out around the globe already and it is starting to appear on some phones.

Karachi Will Have An IT University: AlKhidmat Chief Vows

An IT university would be established in Karachi if elected mayor of the district, a leading educational institution has said. President AlKhidmat Foundation – Karachi.

Aptitude test for ‘Bano Qabil Program’ launched by AlKhidmat Foundation offering skill-based training to youths of Karachi. Programme is a welfare wing of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chapter. IT education will be promoted at the school levels, he said.

The social welfare wing of the JI is offering freelancing, web development, application development, digital marketing, and Amazon Virtual Assistant courses under the Bano Qabil Program. There were 49,000 public sector schools in the province while the provincial education budget was in billions of rupees.

The eligible students would be participating in four-to-six-month courses, following the completion of which the Alkhidmat would be supporting them in their job hunt. The aptitude test was held at the Bagh-e-Jinnah in Karachi. Before the test, the participants took an oath that they would remain loyal to the Islamic ideology of Pakistan, play their due role in the development and progress of the country and the city, and would not indulge in any activity that could bring shame to their families and country. Karachi JI Emir Hafiz Naeemur Rehman administered the oath.

TikTok Deletes Millions of Pakistani Videos

Social media platforms are no strangers to controversial content that gets flagged or removed straight away. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter do it all the time and TikTok is no different either.

The short-form video platform shared its latest Commu­nity Guidelines Enforce­ment Report recently. The report’s purpose is to “build on its commitment to a multi-pronged approach to stop misinformation on the platform”. During the second quarter of 2022, TikTok blocked over 113,809,300 videos from around the globe.

97% of the videos uploaded to TikTok were removed within 24 hours of being uploaded. 98% were removed due to user reports and 97% were taken down before even getting a single view. TikTok also removed a multitude of spam and fake accounts, but the exact figure was not revealed.

Social media giants have become a lot more strict regarding content moderation. YouTube, especially, is quite strict in this regard. The video sharing platform does not let you make money on videos with abusive language or the slightest bit of nudity. Anything that may have been acceptable years ago is no longer deemed appropriate for the masses.

Pakistan Just Had The Worst Quarter For Startup Funding: Report

Investments in the startup sector fell to $55.6 million in Q3, which is a whopping 68% decline over last year, and 46% drop compared to the last quarter. A report from Pakistani tech blog Data Darbar has revealed that Q3 2022 has been the worst quarter for startup funding in over a year.

The amount generated and the total number of deals fell sharply during the period. There were only 18 unique deals in total, which is the lowest since Q1 2021. However, investments in September 2022 reached $331 million across 61 unique deals and it could surpass last year’s figure of $366 million.

Fintech was the most funded sector in September with almost $193 million gathered so far. E-commerce gained $21.6 million through six deals in Q3. Most of the money was gained during the seeding stage, bringing the total for September to $82 million.

Q3 2022 saw the lowest participation from financiers since Q1 2022, with only 52 unique investors. As a comparison, there were more than 81 unique investors in Q2 2022. However, Pakistan was not the only market that was hit with such poor numbers.

Samsung and Intel Are Working on “Sliding” PCs

Samsung and Intel are working on PCs with screens that look a lot like foldable phones.

Intel has shown off a prototype PC that can slide out to show a bigger display. Samsung Display’s CEO said that “foldable is gone” on PCs for now. The GIF below shows the sliding display in action, with a 13-inch tablet turned into a 17-inch screen.

The company was working on a dual-screen foldable similar to the Surface Neo before Microsoft dropped support for Windows 10X, an alternate version of Windows for foldable devices.

Massive PM House Security Breach Leaks Sensitive Audio Clips

The recordings include an exchange between PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz and some members of the federal cabinet. The Prime Minister House was hit by a cyberattack over the weekend which leaked private conversations between government officials in the form of audio clips, it has emerged.

Also uncovers a different conversation between PM Shehbaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif and others.

A hacker has leaked over 8 GB of data including 100 hours of conversations regarding political, economic, and security-related issues. He is asking for 18 BTC, which is around Rs. 81 million, in ransom money. The breach raises serious security concerns, with questions being asked about the cybersecurity of the highest office in Pakistan.