Find Out The Awesome Notepad Tricks Commands and Hacks

Notepad can be a simple yet amazing news and tricks text editor that can be supported by support for advanced features such as colors, images and other advanced text editing features. In most cases, it is used to remove formatting from text as Notepad does not include the original format, or encoding because it is very simple and clean. Besides, there are many cool things to try with Notepad. 

These tactics are very interesting and you will use these tactics to trick your friends. They mostly use the booklet for typing purposes but this post will change your experience with a notepad. With these tricks, people have lots of fun with their friends. These tactics are very simple and straightforward to implement. Just follow the post below to continue. This notepad tricks works perfectly for Windows versions such as Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Notepad Tricks Types

  • Create CD Virus from Notepad (continuously launch CD Drive)
  • Create a Notepad Virus Shutdown computer for your friend with a message
  • Unlock 100s Notepad Tabs and Crash Your Friends PC / Laptop
  • Create Your Daily Diary With Notepad
  • Check the effectiveness of your anti-Virus software
  • Create Matrix Movie screen effects on your computer
  • Convert Text to Audio With This Thread Brochure
  • Disco Dancing Keyboard Light Trick
  • Format your hard disc The Notepad Trick

Tactics and Techniques for the Best Use of Android

The debate over Android comparisons continues to grow. But there’s one thing that is certain Google’s mobile software works in many ways and is more personal than Apple’s offering. Explore the settings and tweaks found on your Android phone and you will find many clear features and useful tools. Quick note before we get started Android includes a variety of formats, models and versions, making it difficult to find features that will fit across devices. Some confirmed following recommendations for Android 7.0 Nougat is:

  1. Cast your Android screen
  2. Run the app side by side
  3. Make text and images more visible
  4. Change volume settings independently
  5. Lock phone lenders within one app
  6. Disable lock screen acceptance
  7. Take the status bar

The most common tips are for the Android users, which is the most common form of OS out there today but most of the advice works on both old and new versions and some hardware manufacturers’ skin boutique types. As today’s phones continue to grow in size, they can be heard working with one hand. Google custom keyboard, which is default and certain Android phones, features a solution special one-handed mode that you can switch to with a simple shortcut. If you own pixel or nexus, this keyboard will be your default typing option. If you set it as your default keyboard tips are:

  • Open the keyboard as usual and touch and hold the key.
  • Reach back to the right icon to enable single-handed mode. 
  • Arrow lets you change this tiny keyboard from side to side, a rock icon that lets you duplicate it, so the top icon returns a full-size keyboard. Some phone keyboards may also have hand-held controls, but will be harder to access than Google. 

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