New Intel Arc Driver Upgrade Doubles Counter-Strike GO Frame Rate

Intel has released a driver update for its Arc series desktop graphics cards. The new driver is designed to improve performance in DirectX 9 titles. It brings an average of 1.8x improvement across multiple games, according to the company’s benchmark tests.

Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) is still a hugely popular game despite its age. There are close to a million people playing the game at any one time. The average frame rate at 1080p, while using Intel Arc, has increased by 1.79x with the new driver.

Intel’s Arc-series graphics cards are optimized for modern APIs such as DirectX 12 or Vulkan. However, they have struggled with older API such as DX11 and DX10. This was solved by running older APIs through DXVK, which improves performance. Intel may be using this translation layer to increase performance for older titles.