Pakistan Has Already Consumed Most of Its Oil and Natural Gas

Pakistan has consumed 79.8% of its total oil reserves and 66.6% natural gas reserves. There are currently 249 million barrels left in reserves. Pakistan has used 985 million barrels of oil out of its 1,234 million barrels, which is 79.9% of the total.

Pakistan is a major producer of gas, used to meet its domestic needs. The country has consumed 66.6% of natural gas so far, with 33.4% remaining untapped. Since 2000, exploration and production (E&P) companies have not been capable of increasing gas production.

Pakistan has 33% of its own gas, 10% LNG, and 1% liquefied petroleum gases (LPG). Domestic production is at a deficit of 0.507 TCF between production and demand. The share of LNG in natural gas supply has increased to 29% over time.

This can be addressed by the reduction of gas supply or load management to different parts of the economy.