Steps of aircon installation

Air conditioners are cooling systems and are pretty expensive pieces of technology. When it comes to installing air conditioners, they must be installed properly to avoid any unnecessary damages. People wish that installing an air conditioner would be as easy as buying one but it is not, installing an air conditioner is a complicated process and it will take a licensed electrician to install it properly. You can always get a licensed electrician at Wi Electrical Specialist who is good at licensed electrician. Furthermore, if you need good aircon install services, feel free to contact Ninja Cool who is good at aircon installation.

As I have already mentioned the fact that aircon installation is a complicated process, it involves various important steps that need to be taken care of, a detailed description of the process would not be possible here but an overlook of the basic steps will be provided in the following points.

Right Location

Finding the right location for installing the new unit of an air conditioner is the very first step in the process of installing the aircon. There are some ideal conditions that need to be ensured such as a strong wall and height difference from the floor should be around seven feet for the indoor aircon.

Mounting Plate

After that, the mounting plate is to be drilled into the wall on which the new air conditioner is to be fitted. Also, a bigger hole of around seven to eight cm is to be drilled so that it can pass the pipe to the outdoor unit.

Installing the indoor unit

After the mounting plate is installed and a hole near it is drilled out, then it is time to mount the indoor ac unit to be fitted onto the mounting plate. Let the pipes and wires pass through the hall smoothly.

Installing the outdoor unit

Repeat the first and second steps outside for the outdoor ac unit. After finding the right location and fixing the brackets, the outdoor unit is to be mounted onto the bracket and bolted up properly.

Connect the wires and copper pipes

The last step is to connect all the wires and pipes. Connect the wires according to the manual or let the electrician fix it as he knows everything about installing an ac. Fix all the copper pipes in the right place and tighten them up.

The above-mentioned steps are the general steps that go into the installation of an aircon. Know more about it from your licensed electrician or the aircon service provider.