Arshad Nadeem Breaks Silence on Viral Chat Involving ‘His Leader’ Nawaz Sharif

Arshad Nadeem’s ‘WhatsApp chat’ meme went viral on social media. The javelin thrower has urged fans to stop spreading fake news. Arshad took to Twitter to voice his concern on the fake news and stated that he was part of no such conversation.

A meme went viral on social media after Arshad Nadeem’s gold medal performance at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. He stated that he was able to deliver his record-breaking throw despite being injured after taking inspiration from former Pakistan Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif.

The meme got plenty of attention and was widely shared on various social media platforms. Arshad took it upon himself to clarify that no such conversation took place and fake news is being spread.

Pakistani cricketer Arshad Warsi has asked his fans to report any fake Twitter profiles in his name. The fake profile trend on social media platforms has been a cause of concern for athletes and celebs in the recent past as false information is spread about them.