HSBC suspends financier over ‘wacko’ environment remarks, say reports

HSBC has supposedly suspended a senior leader who blamed national investors and different authorities for misrepresenting the monetary dangers of environmental change.

According to reports from the Financial Times, HSBC’s global head of responsible investing has been suspended pending an investigation into comments he made about the end of the world in a speech. HSBC declined to comment on reports that the bank is investigating Mr. Kirk.

His job, situated in London, includes considering the effect of ventures on natural, social, and administration issues.

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HSBC felt obligated to sack Mr. Kirk after giving the show named “Why financial backers need not stress over environment risk” at a meeting on Thursday.

Climate change is “not a financial risk that we need to worry about,” Bank of England’s chief economist, George E Kirk, has told an audience in the City of London on Wednesday.

Mr Kirk said: “Who cares if Miami is six meters underwater in 100 years?”.

Climate change is “one of the most serious emergencies facing the planet,” an HSBC spokesperson said.