TikTok Deletes Millions of Pakistani Videos

Social media platforms are no strangers to controversial content that gets flagged or removed straight away. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter do it all the time and TikTok is no different either.

The short-form video platform shared its latest Commu­nity Guidelines Enforce­ment Report recently. The report’s purpose is to “build on its commitment to a multi-pronged approach to stop misinformation on the platform”. During the second quarter of 2022, TikTok blocked over 113,809,300 videos from around the globe.

97% of the videos uploaded to TikTok were removed within 24 hours of being uploaded. 98% were removed due to user reports and 97% were taken down before even getting a single view. TikTok also removed a multitude of spam and fake accounts, but the exact figure was not revealed.

Social media giants have become a lot more strict regarding content moderation. YouTube, especially, is quite strict in this regard. The video sharing platform does not let you make money on videos with abusive language or the slightest bit of nudity. Anything that may have been acceptable years ago is no longer deemed appropriate for the masses.